English movie and conversation club

Ракхи Рагху
Педагог английского языка, носитель английского языка
I have been teaching adults and kids for the past 6 years.
I got my education from an all English school and was taught by teachers from all over the world. I learnt Russian while I was living in Russia. I believe that a language can be learnt best when you are in that environment.
О курсе:

A place where we are going to watch, understand and discuss movies with each other.

It’s a club to help you gain confidence in your spoken English skills as well as to enrich your vocabulary.

This is for you if you are struggling to find confidence in speaking in English or you are already great at it but do not have a place to practice your amazing skills.

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по телефону: +374 98 980 755
в телеграме: @Nyberg_Am

Мы находимся по адресу: Ереван,
ул. Наири Зарьяна, д. 2/3 (Арабкир)